Idea Room Design


RPH was recently called in to transform an under-utilized vestibule space of an office building into a convertible, multi-use Idea Room. We created plans, sections, and interior renderings for three different potential space layouts. Employees currently have both small and large conference rooms, but felt there was a ‘missing’ in-between space for a medium sized group to share ideas informally. Situated within a double height atrium entrance lobby, the Idea Room will add functionality for employees and visitors alike. When external visitors come to the building, the Idea Room can also serve as showcase to give guests an overview before touring the lab and affiliate factories in the region.

Video teleconference screens, interactive whiteboards, and technology-integrated furniture create a robust platform for collaboration both internally and globally. An open layout with a central meeting area and supplementary huddle spaces allows employees to peel off into smaller teams or work together as a large group. Natural light, colorful materials, and rich textures create an atmosphere of comfort to encourage employees to get together spontaneously.