Delphi Medical Detox Facility Construction


In 2006, RPH designed an addition for the Hospice of the Chesapeake at this location, creating a 7 bed facility. In 2014, the hospice moved to Pasadena and sold their building to Delphi Health Group. RPH was then brought on to transform this building into Delphi’s new medical detox facility, the first of its kind in the state of Maryland. Significant interior modifications were required to support the new tenant- including an increased sprinkler system, retrofitted fire rated structure, and a commercial kitchen. Also necessary is ample security for the protection of the 16 patient bedrooms, patient communal space, and office space for 17 employees- nurses, doctors, social workers, and administration.

Construction has begun and the facility is expected to open in 2018. The opioid epidemic in our county is a public health issue that affects a large portion of our population and has created a tangible need for new programs and services to support our communities. RPH is proud to be a part of the local effort working towards a solution.

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